ICEM 2017

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From 27 – 29 June the 4th International Conference on Energy & Meteorology (ICEM) will take place in a beautiful villa in Bari, a captivating city on the Adriatic coast. Since this conference aims at both Meteorology and Solar Industry, Kipp & Zonen’s major markets, we gladly take this opportunity to attend. And of course we would very much like to meet you there.

2017年6月27 - 29日
地址: Bari, Italy

About ICEM 2017


The conference presents a unique chance for the energy industry and the meteorological sector to connect, exchange knowledge, and work together. ICEM offers targeted workshops, panel discussions with international experts and brainstorming sessions. You can interact with international energy specialists, economists, scientists, and policymakers, active at the cutting edge of renewable energy and weather and climate.

What can you expect from Kipp & Zonen?

You probably know Kipp & Zonen for its top-quality, very accurate solar radiation measuring instruments, such as the CMP and Smart SMP series pyranometers, the CHP1 and SHP1 pyrheliometers and the SOLYS sun tracker range, instruments that are used in meteorology, climate and solar energy networks around the world.


At ICEM our Research & Science Manager will give a poster presentation on RaZON+, our recently developed innovative and user friendly turn-key solution that provides all components of solar irradiance, such as Direct Normal (DNI), Diffuse Horizontal (DHI) and calculated Global Horizontal (GHI), as well as sunshine duration. Particularly interesting features of RaZON+ are the maintenance free Gear Drive sun tracker and the anti-soiling Smart pyrheliometer design.

RaZON+ can easily be integrated into the systems of any solar energy plant (via Ethernet and RS-485 interfaces), but it is also a cost-effective solution for expanding meteorological networks.

For more details please check the RaZON+  website.

See for yourself!

You can actually see RaZON+ for yourself as we will have a table top presentation in the main conference room, the Sala Europa, where all plenaries and also the parallel sessions will be held.

So do stop by and take a look at our RaZON+. Of course you are also welcome to discuss your specific measurement problems or to share your views on solar radiation monitoring - our team highly appreciates your feedback -, or just come and see us for a friendly chat.

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