Solar Power Expo 2018

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Solar Power Expo 2018 - China International Solar Power Generation and Application Expo 2018 will take place on March 27-29, 2018 at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), Beijing. The development and use of clean energy is being tackled forcefully in China and solar industry is booming. Therefore Kipp & Zonen and its Chinese partners welcome the opportunity to participate in key events like Solar Power Expo. Several of our Chinese partners will have a booth at Solar Power Expo and we hope to see you

2018年3月27 - 29日
地址: Beijing, China

About Solar Power Expo

With a focus on China, Solar Power Expo is an international industry platform for developers, equipment & facilities specialists, specialists in integration & technology, researchers and financiers/investors, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and partners of the solar industry. Visitors are provided with many opportunities for valuable b2b contacts and for meeting the manufacturers of the latest products and developments.

What can Kipp & Zonen offer you?

You probably know Kipp & Zonen for its top-quality, very accurate solar radiation measuring instruments, such as the CMP and Smart SMP series pyranometers, the CHP1 and SHP1 pyrheliometers and the SOLYS sun tracker range, instruments that are used in meteorology networks and solar plants around the world. In recent years, however, we have put a lot of time and effort in the development of new products, especially for the solar industry.

DustIQ, the revolutionary soiling alert system!

DustIQ helps you decide when and where to clean your solar panels and maximize the performance ratio of your plant.

Kipp & Zonen has developed a new, revolutionary system to monitor soiling in real-time, based on unique Optical Soiling Measurement (OSM). This enables you to schedule a cleaning run when it is most beneficial and cost-effective.

DustIQ is a smart solution, when you compare it to traditional systems with a reference PV panel that needs to be kept clean all the time. A clear benefit of DustIQ is that it does not require any maintenance; just clean it when you clean the arrays of panels that it is monitoring.

DustIQ helps you decide when and where to clean your solar power plant and maximize the performance ratio.

RT1 rooftop PV monitoring system.

In 2017 we developed the new smart monitoring system for rooftop PV: the RT1. Its unique design and plug-in temperature sensor make it an easy to install monitoring system for a very modest price. 

The new all-in-one alternative for solar plants is RaZON+

We recently developed RaZON+, the innovative and user friendly turn-key solution that provides all components of solar irradiance, such as Direct Normal (DNI), Diffuse Horizontal (DHI) and calculated Global Horizontal (GHI), as well as sunshine duration.

Interesting features, especially for the solar industry, are a maintenance free Gear Drive sun tracker and an anti-soiling Smart pyrheliometer. RaZON+ can easily be integrated into the systems of any solar energy plant (via Ethernet and RS-485 interfaces).

Our partners (listed below) will be pleased to meet you!

They will be glad to receive you at their respective booths to answer your questions and assist you in solving your measuring problems. They will highly appreciate it if you’ll share your insights and (future) requirements with them. Your feedback is what Kipp & Zonen needs to fulfill the expectations of the solar industry.

In Hall 2, at booth 2002, you will find Beijing Solarsky Technology Co. Ltd. showcasing our CMP10/11 pyranometers and Meteon data logger, our Solys 2 sun trackers, RaZON+ and RT1.

In Hall 2, at booth 2045, your will find Beijing Intell-Sun Technology Ltd. showcasing our SMP pyranometers, RaZON+ and RT1.

In Hall 4, at booth 4073/4074 you will find Beijing Zenith Technology Co. Ltd. showcasing our Solys 2 sun trackers, RaZON+ and more.

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