Webinars for Experts in the Solar Industry

Webinars for Experts in the Solar Industry活动图片
You still have the chance to register to our upcoming webinars on Wednesday 8th July and Thursday 9th July and gain insights into PV plant performance optimization.

2020年7月8 - 9日
地址: GoToWebinar

Register now to join us in the upcoming online sessions or get the recording of the webinars.

8th July 2020 10:00-11:00 hrs CEST: Bifacial PV modules are a hot topic, but how should you monitor the irradiance reaching the rear of the module to quantify how much extra power can be produced? Does it make a difference if it is fixed or tracked? How do you measure the surface albedo? Watch now to hear about our experience and our recommendations.  


9th July 2020 10:00-11:00 hrs CEST: Soiling of PV modules leads to a cost of lost energy production, but there is also the cost of cleaning. Soiling does not occur at a constant rate throughout the year, or across a plant, so cleaning schedules should be flexible and optimized. Dust IQ provides the data for you to decide when and where to clean.